2007: a space policy

That’s the title of a report issued this week by the Select Committee on Science and Technology of the British Parliament. The report makes a number of recommendations about the direction the UK should take in space policy. I have not had the opportunity yet to go through the entire report, but some of the […]

Doctors’ Rx for NASA: more human spaceflight

NASA issued a press release yesterday to announce that the American Medical Association (AMA) had unanimously passed a resolution at its annual meeting in Chicago last month supporting human space exploration. The NASA release is short on details, other than to say that the resolution “also reaffirmed support for medical research on the space shuttle […]

Would you trust space policy insights from a business publication?

Maybe you should at least take them with a grain of salt. Take this Kiplinger.com article about NASA’s post-shuttle future, including the question of funding for the space agency:

The earliest the new lunar missions could conceivably take place would be in 2020. But again, competing budget pressures are likely to push back that timetable. […]

Florida papers hand out budget kudos

On Sunday both Florida Today and the Orlando Sentinel published editorials congratulating the House Appropriations Committee for approving a spending bill last week that gave NASA more money than both the agency received in FY2007 and what the White House requested in its FY2008 budget proposal. The Florida Today editorial goes so far as to […]

Committee approves NASA budget

The House Appropriations Committee passed the Commerce, Justice, and Science spending bill that includes $17.6 billion for NASA. (subscription required for the Space News article) Although few details about the spending bill have been released yet, the bill approved by the full committee appears largely identical to what the CJS subcommittee approved last month. Rep. […]

House Appropriations hearing today

The full House Appropriations Committee is scheduled to meet today to markup the Commerce, Justice, and Science appropriations bill that the CJS subcommittee approved last month. The subcommittee version gave NASA about $300 million more than what the White House requested, more than what Senate appropriators approved at the end of June. The hearing will […]

Bush: “NASA needed to become relevant”

Many space advocates often complain that President Bush says little about NASA, being rather quiet about the space agency in the three and a half years since the unveiling of the Vision for Space Exploration. Well, today they got their wish: Bush answered a question about NASA during a town hall meeting in Cleveland. Here’s […]

Edwards’ space policy platitudes

The blog “A Blog Around The Clock” (part of the Scienceblogs.com network) has an exclusive interview with Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards about science policy issues. One question is devoted to every’s favorite space agency:

3. If elected President, how would you balance the scientific research at NASA with the manned spaceflight program which, arguably, […]

Griffin on funding advanced technology work

The NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) formally announced in the last week that it will be shutting down at the end of August. That decision has been criticized by some as evidence that NASA is not being sufficiently forward thinking, devoting too much attention to near-term projects. NASA administrator Mike Griffin addressed that issue […]

The latest on Columbia memorial efforts

Today’s Houston Chronicle has an article about efforts to develop a national memorial to the shuttle Columbia accident in east Texas. There are local memorials in several communities that were in the debris footprint or otherwise involved in the recovery work, but there is no federally-funded, centralized memorial to the accident yet. Previous efforts for […]