Weldon to retire from Congress

Some space-related political news out of Florida that has nothing to do with the presidential campaign: Congressman Dave Weldon (R-FL) will not run for reelection in 2008, retiring after seven terms in the House. Weldon said he wanted to return to his medical practice and spend more time with his family. Weldon, whose district includes much of the “Space Coast” area of Florida, has taken a strong interest in NASA issues in Congress. Most recently, he proposed legislation that would extend the life of the shuttle after 2010 as a means of closing the shuttle-CEV gap.

4 comments to Weldon to retire from Congress

  • His plan to keep the Shuttle in service was a needless distraction, but he seems to have filed the bill simply to draw attention to the gap issue. It’s too bad to see a pro-space Congressman go, especially when we need as many of them as we can get.

  • Does anyone know about the stance on space of the 3 people already talking about running? Is there anyone who might run for that spot who is pro-space?

  • The People

    Is there anyone who might run for that spot who is pro-space?

    It is more like, ‘is there anyone who wouldn’t run as pro-space?’ Congressmen pander to their constituents, so anyone hoping to win a seat in that district would have to be supportive of KSC and its supporting infrastructure.

  • It’s not so simple as replacing one pro-space legislator with another pro-space legislator. Weldon’s long tenure had given him substantial seniority and thus much greater ability to push legislation and appropriations. The next Congressman to represent the district will have to start from scratch, beginning at the very bottom of the power structure.

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