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O’Keefe endorses McCain

The John McCain campaign announced today that the Republican presidential candidate has been endorsed by former NASA administrator Sean O’Keefe. O’Keefe: “John’s commitment to our national security and to exploration and discovery, coupled with his passion to improve our nation’s math and science education system to assure American competitiveness, should lead all Americans to conclude that he is the right person to lead our country.” McCain’s response: “Sean has been a friend and colleague for many years and I appreciate his support. His leadership during a challenging time in the rich NASA history helped put our nation’s quest for exploration on track.”

The press release notes that O’Keefe is currently chancellor of LSU, and throws in a disclaimer that O’Keefe’s endorsement does not constitute an endorsement by the university. The release doesn’t note, though, that O’Keefe announced his plans to resign as LSU chancellor earlier this month.

(Tangential note: I first found this press release on a newswire service called Standard Newswire, whose logo captured my attention: a stylized version of what is clearly Skylab, along with the words “Connect with the World”. What a space station that deorbited nearly 30 years ago has to do with connecting with the world beats me.)

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