How strong is public support for space exploration?

The Coalition for Space Exploration released a new Gallup Poll on space policy issues on Tuesday, playing up what they deem to be strong support for space exploration among the general public. “These latest results -as well as poll data from the last several years – reveal that even in the midst of varying world […]

Build an industry, not a program

That’s the theme of the long-awaited part 3 of the essay on the future of the Vision for Space Exploration that Charles Miller and I published in this week’s issue of The Space Review. We noted back in part 1 that the Vision, as currently laid out, is threatened by a looming budget crunch as […]

The last man on the new plan

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to participate in a “bloggers’ roundtable” organized by the Discovery Channel with Apollo astronaut Gene Cernan. the event was intended to promote their current documentary series about the space program, “When We Left Earth”, but the door was open to other questions about Cernan and the past and […]

A tale of two bills

The House did not complete its work on HR 6063 earlier today, which means that final passage of the bill will have to wait until early next week. During about two hours of debate, though, members did get through a number of proposed amendments, most of them minor. The first of those amendments, as listed […]

If at first you don’t succeed…

Regular readers might recall that Marc Garneau, Canada’s first astronaut and former president of the Canadian Space Agency, left the CSA in 2005 to run for the House of Commons in a riding in Quebec west of Montreal. That run for office didn’t work out well, as he failed to unseat the incumbent there. Garneau, […]

White House “strongly opposes” NASA authorization bill

Earlier today, a day before the full House is scheduled to take up HR 6063, the NASA Authorization Act of 2008, the Office of Management and Budget released a Statement of Administration Policy (SAP) on the bill. And the White House is not too happy with the bill in its current form:

The […]

NASA authorization bill vote this week

There was one additional item in Rep. Tom Feeney’s press release about the Cape losing Orbital’s Taurus 2 business. The full House, he said, will take up HR 6063, the NASA Authorization Act of 2008, on Wednesday.

The web site has its own analysis of the bill, claiming that the bill will cost the […]

Virginia 1, Florida 0

Outside of New Mexico, which is putting nearly $200 million of state and local money into a new commercial spaceport, no two states have been more active in space policy and related economic incentives than Florida and Virginia. For the last few months, the two states have also been competing against each other to win […]

A blueprint for a revised Canadian space policy

This week The Rideau Institute, a Canadian think tank, along with the Canadian Auto Workers union, issued a white paper outlining a plan to revise Canadian space policy, an issue that has been on the minds of many in Canada’s space community in recent months, in light of the Canadian government’s decision to block the […]

Feeney’s space challenge

Congressman Tom Feeney (R-FL) is facing a rather strong challenge in his bid for another term in the House, and what he has done—or not done—for space could play a role in the outcome, the Orlando Sentinel reported Thursday. His Democratic challenger, Suzanne Kosmas, is arguing that Feeney has not done enough to save jobs […]