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Even in Florida…

…in one of the most space-savvy districts in the nation, a candidate who talks about three ways to shorten the gap, promotes space-based solar power, and has the endorsements of both a major newspaper and Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin can get trounced in a primary election by someone who thinks the Chandra X-Ray Observatory is a radio telescope and spells Mars with a lower-case “m”. Perhaps Paul Rancatore can use his new free time offer to sharpen the space policy of Democratic nominee Steve Blythe. Not that it necessarily matters, though, as Tuesday’s primary results showed.

3 comments to Even in Florida…

  • Al Fansome

    Interesting Jeff.

    The pro-space candidate loses by a 2-to-1 margin. I thought he might win, but losing by 2-to-1 has to be a shock.

    It appears space is a Tier 2 issue, even in “one of the most space-savvy districts in in the nation”.


    – Al

  • Of course spaceflight is a Tier-2 issue, and we’ll get a lot farther if we recognize that and campaign accordingly. Florida is hardly immune from the various disasters the Administration has inflicted on us in the last eight years — not least, the “gap” itself.

    — Donald

  • […] Rep. Dave Weldon. Posey, a Republican, is running against Democrat Steve Blythe (who beat out a staunchly pro-space candidate in the Democratic primary in August) and two independents. The editorial argues that Posey will be a “strong advocate […]

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