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Other notes from McCain’s speech

  • Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL) said that John McCain was the space program’s best friend in remarks introducing the Republican presidential candidate in Melbourne. “The space program has never has a better friend than John McCain,” Martinez said, as reported by Florida Today . “The Straight Talk Express knows the importance of the American space program and that we can’t rely on the Russians. This is a great man.”
  • The Obama campaign, reacting to McCain’s speech, suggested that McCain was flip-flopping on space, the Orlando Sentinel reported. “One day it’s a spending freeze; the next day it’s not; but whatever his stance is, Space Coast voters are looking for a change from the Bush-McCain policies that brought us to the brink of thousands of job losses,” Obama spokeswoman Adrianne Marsh said.
  • Those who attended the speech, though, were generally pleased with what McCain had to say about space. “It was great news for Brevard County and everyone who works out at the Space Center,” one woman told Florida Today.

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