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Florida Today: Kosmas and her “willingness to fight” for NASA funding

Yesterday Florida Today formally endorsed Suzanne Kosmas in her bid to unseat incumbent Congressman Tom Feeney in Florida’s 24th district. While Feeney has a reputation as a strong space supporter in Congress (“No one disparages Feeney’s record as an advocate for NASA since his election in 2002,” the editorial notes), one of the reasons the newspaper cites for endorsing Kosmas is her stance on space:

She promises to work diligently for Brevard residents in Washington, and nowhere is that more clear than in her strong support for NASA’s moon exploration program and willingness to fight for the funding required to build a new fleet of post-shuttle spacecraft.

We’re also impressed with her strategic vision to leverage the Space Coast not just as the nation’s hub for manned and commercial spaceflight but also as a nucleus for alternative energy and technological research to help end America’s dependence on foreign oil.

That’s a goal we support as KSC heads toward the shuttle fleet’s retirement in 2010 and an estimated 3,500 lost jobs.

3 comments to Florida Today: Kosmas and her “willingness to fight” for NASA funding

  • pr

    Florida Today endorses a Democrat. How extraordinary.

  • Adrian

    I think I can probably say with some certainty that no other individual commenter here has talked at any length with Ms. Kosmas. I have lived in her district, I have asked her some specific questions regarding space policy when the opportunity arose, and she did not disappoint. I would not describe her as an expert, but she genuinely seemed committed to the cause and to the industry. I dont know how else to say it without seeming like a partisan.

  • Inquiring Mind


    What would be useful is if you could describe what parts of space policy you think she would focus upon (beyond jobs for the district of course) and what you think she would do on those issues.

    Is she interested in COTS (as long as they fly out of the Cape?)

    Is she interested in COTS D to “reduce the gap”?

    Is she interested in expanding the use of the ISS for biotechnology/biomedical research (building upon the biotech investments in Florida as well as space)?

    Since she is committed to “alternative energies”, would she be interested in space solar power?

    Might she want to focus on bringing suborbital RLV companies to Florida?

    These are just a few of many things that a committed (and smart) Member of Congress could help with on space policy.

    – Inquiring Mind

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