A rookie ranking member

Congressman Pete Olson (R-TX) has been named the ranking Republican on the space subcommittee of the House Science and Technology Committee, according to a statement released Wednesday by the congressman’s office. Olson, who defeated Nick Lampson in November, represents a district that includes NASA’s Johnson Space Center, making him a logical choice for the position after the subcommittee’s previous ranking member, Tom Feeney (R-FL), lost reelection in the fall. Still, it seems at least a little unusual to see someone who just started his Congressional career given such a position; were no other more senior eligible members of the committee interested in the position?

The committee has not announced who will be chairman of the subcommittee; in fact, Democrats have not listed its members of the overall committee or its subcommittees, although Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas (D-FL) announced last week she had been selected to serve on the committee, and presumably the space subcommittee as well, given that her district includes NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. (Recall that Kosmas defeated Feeney in November.) The subcommittee chairmanship is open since the previous chair, Mark Udall, left the House to run (successfully) for the Senate. The chairmanship of the subcommittee had been promised to Nick Lampson, but of course he lost—to Pete Olson.

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  • SurfinOnARocket

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but there are only 5 Minority Members on the House Science Committee that are not serving as a Ranking Member on another committee. This means that all 5 will be a Ranking Member on one of the 5 science subcommittees. So, even though Olson is a Freshman, he will definitely serve as the Ranking Member on one of the subcommittees. Given this factor, and the district he represents, he is an obvious choice for the position with Space and Aeronautics.

  • Space Realist

    Get real. Olson rooked the people in his district into thinking he would be relevant on space issues, and now he’s going to tout his status as ranking member as an indication of his relevance. Only, we all know that the leadership is going to punish the hell out of those morons around Johnson Space Center for electing this Coryn-esque ideological clown. In his many years as COS to both Senators, did anyone ever notice Cornyn or Gramm involved in any substantive way in space issues? NO. And who was responsible to minding JSC and keeping his bosses engaged? Good Ole Pete. I hope every job at JSC is ripped out and sent to KSC. THOSE people aren’t ignorant enough to slit their own throats. What’s particularly disturbing is the rising mantra around JSC that the federal government is an evil, out-of-control entity–and the beast needs to be starved.

    I say starve away. Start by making Pete explain to his constituents that he is a feckless weenie, incapable of wielding the power to protect the largest employer in his district.

  • Al Fansome

    SPACE REALIST: Start by making Pete explain to his constituents that he is a feckless weenie, incapable of wielding the power to protect the largest employer in his district.

    Dear Space Realist,

    In other words, Cornyn and Gramm were a little bit like Senator McCain, who tells everybody who comes into his office “Don’t tell me how this helps my state. Tell me how it helps the country.”

    Your attack suggests to me that Rep. Olson may not believe in white collar welfare. He may actually put the country first. Your attack actually improves my (still unformed) opinion of Rep. Olson.

    We will see.


    – Al

  • Space Realist

    I think your premise is false. If Olson thinks that NASA jobs are merely “white collar welfare” as you state, then I’ll wait with bated breath for the press release that says just that.

    P.S. Nice talking points covering the patriotism angle, Thomas Paine. FYI, the era of pointing to those who disagree with you and insinuating in any way that they are less patriotic or care any less for their country than you do is over. It’s a dead ideology, except for those several clowns who remain in Congress who have yet to learn that lesson (you know, the ones referred to above). Maybe putting the country first involves helping us reach beyond the bounds of space, inventing new technologies, and fostering an understanding of our planet in ways never conceived before.

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