Lampson: not asked, but would be honored to serve

As previously noted, former congressman Nick Lampson is now rumored to be under consideration for the NASA administrator’s job. Lampson is in Colorado Springs for the National Space Symposium, so I asked him about those reports after a press conference by the Coalition for Space Exploration to announce its new board of advisors (which includes Lampson). “It’s a rumor,” he said. “All I can say is that I would be honored if I was asked. I haven’t been asked.”

(Incidentally, Lampson announced at the press conference that he has joined the ranks of Twitter users, thus raising the possibility of the first Twittering administrator. And he could also exchange messages with @worden, aka NASA Ames director Pete Worden.)

During the press conference itself, attendees (including another former congressman, Dave Weldon; former NASA deputy administrator Fred Gregory; former astronaut Tom Jones; and journalist Miles O’Brien, all on the Coalition’s advisory board) stressed the importance of getting someone into the administrator’s job as soon as possible. “Vacuum is not good,” said Gregory. “I would hope that very soon that there is an administrator and a deputy administrator.”

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