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House appropriators make no changes to NASA budget

The full House Appropriations Committee carried out their markup of the Commerce, Justice, and Science appropriations for FY10 and made no significant changes, if any at all, to what the subcommittee approved, keeping the agency at $18.2 billion overall. The cut in exploration remained intact “pending the recommendations of the Augustine panel”. Few other details were included in the release, although the bill should show up in Thomas later this week.

The bill now heads to the House floor. A tentative schedule released by the appropriations committee calls for the CJS bill to be debated next Tuesday and Wednesday. By coincidence, the Augustine panel is scheduled to hold its first public meeting next Wednesday in DC.

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  • richardb

    I’m thinking the odds of the House coming back to this in the fall to give the money back are zero.

    For one, by then the health care bill will be in full debate and we all know that will add hundreds of billions in new spending to the already goliath budget deficit that Obama has constructed.

    Second, cap and trade will be bandied back and forth in the fall and a bill is possible. Again costing billions.

    Third, the heat is building on Obama to restrain spending and its only 5 months into his administration. Chinese unhappy, Germans unhappy, T-Bill markets unhappy and its only June. By September Congress will be scrambling for spending cuts and tax hikes.

    My guess, this is a permanent cut and a down payment on future cuts to little ol Nasa. We’ll see soon enough.

  • Jim

    While everyone is understandably worried about the cut to exploration, there are some other problems in the details:

    1) they once again zero funding for new Centennial Challenges plus
    two other Innovative Partnerships programs, one of which buys
    commercial microgravity and (in the future) suborbital SLV science

    2) they appear to have cut back funds previously provided in FY2009
    for COTS activities


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  • michael

    I was walking with my wife and our dog last night in the neighborhood. Our conversations ranged from comments on school to work or just how silly the dog was acting. We could see her clearly this night despite not having much in terms of street lights. She rolled on the grass and just rested with her belly sticking straight up. We could see her eyes darting back and forth wanting to be scratched. We took turns scratching and having her run back and forth between us. She finally got worn out and wanted to rest; I was not in much better shape to my amusement. We all headed back to our home.

    The moon is such a wonderful aspect of our lives even indirectly. It saddens me that we take such things for granted.

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