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Congressman Hernandez?

NASA astronaut Jose Hernandez, back on Earth after competing the STS-128 shuttle mission to the ISS earlier this month, is contemplating his future, a Stockton (Calif.) Record article today notes. He tells his hometown paper that he hopes to get assigned “to a space mission aboard a Russian aircraft”, which is likely the paper garbling a desire tto go to the ISS on a Soyuz mission. The paper adds something interesting, though: “He also is contemplating a political career to represent the Stockton area in Congress.”

While it’s not clear how far off his political career might be, he’s gotten involved in one hot-button issue recently. After landing, Hernandez told Mexican television he thought that undocumented workers in the US should be granted legal status: a rare public stance on a political issue by an active astronaut. “I work for the US government, but as an individual I have a right to my personal opinions,” he told a Mexican television show after his comments generated a minor controversy, as the Los Angeles Times reported.

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  • roberto

    es para mi privilegio poder escribirle a alguien kmo usted y saludarlo, soy mexicano y vivo en ajijic un pueblo de jalisco donde por cierto hay mas extranjeros que mexicanos bueno el motivo de la presente es saludarle y decirle k usted es un ejemplo de perseverancia y de k cuando se kiere se puede, yo adopte a 4 niƱos indigenas de los cuales 3 estan estudiando aun, y les platico de usted, diciendoles que es un ejemplo para los mexicanos y eso me ayuda a seguir adelante.
    gracias por ser un mexicano ejemplar

  • Robert Oler

    In a non space related topic…Hernandez is just stating what is eventually going to happen anyway.

    As for Congress…go for it…what district in CA is that?

    Robert G. Oler

  • Sick of illegals - supporter of NASA

    Oh brother. No. No more illegals. We can’t afford it.

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