The Augustine committee on tour

Any day now, either later this week or early next week, the Augustine committee is set to release its final report. Around that time a couple members of the committee will be making public appearances inside and outside the Beltway, hopefully providing a little more background and detail about their work now that the report is complete.

Greason and Lyles have already been speaking about the committee’s work, Lyles at a forum at GWU’s Space Policy Institute and Greason at the Space Investment Summit 7 in Boston at the end of September. Depending on the timing of the final report’s release, they may be free to talk in additional detail about the report’s findings at these later events.

[Disclosure: I had a cameo role in organizing the WSBR-WIA luncheon with Lyles by suggesting that the two organizations work together to plan a joint event rather than do separate events.]

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