Gordon confirms NASA authorization in the works

The chairman of the House Science and Technology Committee confirmed Tuesday that his committee will prepare a new NASA authorization bill this year, although its contents aren’t clear. “Congress believes that a strong and balanced civil space and aeronautics program of science, aeronautics, and human spaceflight and exploration is important and worthy of the nation’s […]

Briefly noted

A few brief items of interest:

A planned review of the nation’s military space programs and policy could be delayed by several months. Defense News reports that the 2010 Space Posture Review may be delayed by several months and possibly up to a year. The review was scheduled for release next month, along with the […]

Feingold bill would delay Constellation

Last fall Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) introduced S. 1808, legislation titled the “Control Spending Now Act” designed to, as its name suggests, reduce federal spending through a series of budget cuts and related reforms. No action has taken place on the bill since its introduction in October (understandably, as the Senate was a little busy […]

ASAP and space policy

Late Friday NASA released the 2009 report of the Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel. What attention the report has received has largely focused on its findings, including that no commercial vehicle developers are certified to meet NASA human safety standards (“despite some claims and beliefs to the contrary”), that it is “unwise and probably not cost-effective” […]

Another bid to extend the shuttle (and more)

House legislation to extend the space shuttle program beyond its planned retirement this year may be joined by more a comprehensive Senate bill in the near future. At the symposium “Human Spaceflight and the Future of Space Science”, held yesterday in Washington by USRA and GWU’s Space Policy Institute, Jeff Bingham of the Senate Commerce […]

New paradigms in human spaceflight policy

As the shuttle programs ends and NASA’s future direction remains uncertain, it’s clear that there will be changes in how NASA and the nation approach human spaceflight. In an essay in this week’s issue of The Space Review, Roger Handberg argues that the US will have to take a different approach to international cooperation. In […]

Florida officials turn to commercial space

As the shuttle program winds down, Florida politicians appear to be increasingly turning to commercial space as a way to mitigate the feared economic dislocation the state, and the Space Coast specifically, will experience once the shuttle retires.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Sen. Bill Nelson will promote the job-creating potential of commercial space in […]

Tough times ahead for NASA astronomy missions?

In his speech at the American Astronomical Society’s meeting in Washington last week, NASA administrator Charles Bolden noted that the agency is at a recent high in terms of the number of operating astronomy missions: 15 as of the beginning of 2010, compared to 5 in 1990. (That number includes not just NASA spacecraft but […]

An outline of the new space policy?

Florida Today published today its interpretation of the new space stategy that the White House will unveil in the coming weeks. Here’s what the newspaper thinks the new strategy will contain:

An increase in NASA’s budget of at least $1 billion; Extending the ISS through 2020; No extension of the shuttle program (sorry, Congressman Posey) […]

More legal problems for Stadd

Former NASA chief of staff Courtney Stadd is facing another legal battle. Stadd pleaded not guilty Monday in federal court in Mississippi to nine charges, including fraud and conspiracy. The government alleges that Stadd conspired with a NASA official starting in 2004 to award contracts to Mississippi State, one of his consulting clients, who then […]