Laying claim to committee posts

With the Republicans retaking control of the House, the race is underway to seek seats on various committees as well as their chairmanships. Ralph Hall (R-TX), the current ranking member of the House Science and Technology Committee, is in line to chair the committee in January, and this week issued a press release that made it sound like he was staking him claim on the chairmanship. “I look forward to working with current members on the Science and Technology Committee, as well as hearing from our new members, to formulate and advance an agenda that keeps our nation moving forward,” he said in the statement. He cited several “key areas” that the committee should conduct oversight of, none of which is directly related to space policy: “climate change, scientific integrity, energy research and development (R&D), cybersecurity, and science education.” It’s unclear yet if any other member, such as Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), will challenge Hall for the committee chairmanship.

Mo Brooks, the Republican who won Alabama’s 5th District in Tuesday’s election, vowed he would “shield NASA”, along with defense and law enforcement, from budget cuts. Interestingly, though, he did not indicate he was seeking a position on the House Appropriations Committee, where he could play a role in stopping such cuts. Instead, he said he was seeking posts on two to three committees, including the Science and Technology Committee.

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  • The Republican takeover of Congress will ultimately be a GREAT thing for the future of U.S. manned spaceflight. It paves the way for Obama’s eventual electoral defeat in 2012. B.O. devastated NASA’s future! All these sci-fi reveries of asteroid jaunts will get us NOWHERE! The Moon must be re-visited, if humanity is ever to deal with the nitty-gritty of emplacing of bases & utilizing natural resources. The Antarctic is a partial model, for this great enterprise. Project Constellation would’ve started out as a sortie mission plan, but subsequently would’ve expanded far beyond that, to the point of outpost missions lasting many months. All this proving ground work needs doing, if humankind is ever going to venture credibly to more distant planets. May Congress get wise statesmen at the relevant helms, those who will see the folly & farce that is Obamaspace.

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