Senate postpones NASA hearing

Tomorrow’s scheduled hearing on NASA, “Transition and Implementation: The NASA Authorization Act of 2010″, by the Senate Commerce Committee, has been postponed to Wednesday, December 1, at 10:30 am. No reason for the delay was given.

There are two other space-related events going on in DC tomorrow, though. On Thursday morning the Space Transportation Association […]

NASA’s top challenges

NASA’s Office of the Inspector General released Tuesday its assessment of the top management and performance challenges acing the space agency. The report identified six specific areas of concern:

Future of U.S. Space Flight Acquisition and Project Management Infrastructure and Facilities Management Human Capital Information Technology Security Financial Management

The first item covers a wide […]

Will the Space Coast have representation on the next House science committee?

Central Florida had two of its representatives on the House Science and Technology Committee, Reps. Alan Grayson and Suzanne Kosmas, who both served on the space subcommittee. However, both lost their reelection bids earlier this month. Will their successors also seek similar committee assignments? Only one appears interested, though, and only as a backup option.


Space policy tough love, and space security recommendations

In an op-ed on the Space News web site, Joan Johnson-Freese offers a cold dose of reality to those seeking to roll back the changes in space exploration policy made by the Obama Administration, particularly the end of Constellation program. In short, she argues, it’s not going to happen because human spaceflight, despite all the […]

Will the lame duck Congress punt on appropriations?

As noted here over the weekend, one member of Congress, Rep. Suzanne Kosmas (D-FL), said she would make “full funding” for NASA in FY11 a priority in her remaining weeks in Congress, as members return today for a lame duck session. But will Congress even take up full FY11 appropriations bills? CQ reports that Congress […]

Congress returns, and more

Next week Congress will return in a lame duck session, seeking to pass a number of bills including outstanding FY2011 appropriations bills. Among those returning are a number of lame ducks who lost their reelection bids, including Rep. Suzanne Kosmas (D-FL), whose district includes KSC. Kosmas tells the Orlando Sentinel Saturday that she plans to […]

Briefs: NASA a priority, and budget concerns

Could NASA be a renewed priority in the new Congress? That’s the suggestion of Joanne Padrón Carney, director of the AAAS’s Center for Science, Technology and Congress, reports. In an AAAS webinar, Padrón Carney said that the potential new House Science and Technology Committee leadership of Reps. Ralph Hall (R-TX) and Eddie Bernice Johnson […]

Senate to examine NASA and its new authorization act

Tomorrow marks just one month since the President signed into law the NASA Authorization Act of 2010, but it’s apparently not too soon for Congress to see how the agency is implementing it. The full Senate Commerce Committee has planned a hearing next Thursday morning titled “Transition and Implementation: The NASA Authorization Act of 2010″. […]

Fiscal commission co-chairs take aim at commercial spaceflight

On Wednesday afternoon the co-chairmen of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, issued their proposal for reducing the federal budget deficit though a combination of discretionary spending cuts, mandatory spending savings, and tax reform. In particular, they identified $200 billion in “illustrative savings” in FY2015, $100 billion each […]

Brief notes: committee leadership, science funding, Indian consternation

The Dallas Morning News confirmed Tuesday that two Dallas-area representatives, Ralph Hall (R) and Eddie Bernice Johnson (D) are in the race to become the new chair and ranking member, respectively, of the House Science and Technology Committee. Hall’s office in particular notes that Hall has “almost been assured” their chairmanship, with no discussion of […]