Senate space subcommittee will get new ranking member

Thursday afternoon the Republican leadership of the Senate Commerce Committee announced the GOP members who will serve on the full committee in the new Congress. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) will return as ranking member of the full committee, where she will be joined by:

  • Olympia Snowe, Maine
  • John Ensign, Nev.
  • Jim DeMint, S.C.
  • John Thune, S.D.
  • Roger Wicker, Miss.
  • Johnny Isakson, Ga.
  • Roy Blunt, Mo.
  • John Boozman, Ark.
  • Pat Toomey, Pa.
  • Marco Rubio, Fla.
  • Kelly Ayotte, N.H.

Notably absent from the list is Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), who in the last Congress served as the ranking member of the committee’s Science and Space subcommittee alongside subcommittee chairman Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL). Subcommittee assignments have not been made yet, so we don’t know yet who will succeed Vitter as ranking member.

3 comments to Senate space subcommittee will get new ranking member

  • Robert G. Oler

    The only “neat” thing about this is that both DeMint and Thune are kind of hearing “Hail to the Chief” ie thinking of running for President.

    Otherwise it doesnt matter much. Obama has thanks to bad performance by NASA and economics…won the day

    Robert G. Oler


    In Memoriam. The crew of STS-25 (51L) ‘Challenger’ – January 28, 1986

    Dick Scobee, Mike Smith, Judy Resnik, El Onizuka, Ron McNair, Greg Jarvis, Christa McAuliffe

    Ad Astra.

  • Matt Wiser

    Par Adua Ad Astra: “Through Hardship to the Stars.”

    Care to bet the ranking member will be from a “space state?” I doubt it’ll be Rubio, but Wicker might: he’s from Mississippi, and does represetn Stennis Space Center as a result.

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