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Another view on Ryan and space (or, not)

[Update: Nick Eftimiades contacted me earlier today and said he had a case of mistaken identity: it was not Rep. Ryan who was in attendance at the dinner he recalled in his now-deleted blog post, as it turns out. He—and I—regret the error.]

As previously discussed here, Mitt Romney’s choice of running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), doesn’t have much of a space policy background: a couple of votes on space-related bills over the years, plus his budget plan that would cut spending on science and space. However, Nicholas Eftimiades, a former National Security Space Office (NSSO) official, offers a different perspective on Ryan. In a blog post yesterday, he recalls being at a dinner with Ryan, Buzz Aldrin, and several other members of Congress to discuss space policy and STEM education. “Myself and Buzz Aldrin did the lion’s share of talking that evening. Congressman Ryan carefully listened to our respective visions of a space program for America,” he recalls. “He asked how, from a legislative perspective, the Congress could make the space program better. He showed no hint of partisan politics, was very thoughtful, and focused on positive change for the US space program.”

10 comments to Another view on Ryan and space (or, not)

  • John Mankins

    Any idea when the conversation among Aldrin, Ryan, Eftimiades and others took place?

  • Jeff Foust

    John: I don’t know the specific date beyond the Fall 2010 date he mentions in his blog post.

  • DougSpace

    Hopefully the Romney / Ryan team will look at fiscal conservatism in space policy to mean getting more for our buck rather than just cutting. COTS has given us that. SLS is not likely to give us that. If SLS were to be cut, there would be enough money for commercial programs (even beyond the current programs) plus money for Mars, the outer solar system, and other priorities.

  • joe

    OK. Did he say who the exemplary representative was?

  • Egad

    So, if it wasn’t Ryan, who was it?

    I really liked the story line that there was some congressbeing who was willing to sit down for a few hours and have a serious conversation. If there’s someone out there like that, I’ll put him/her on my contribution list.

  • joe

    Does this mean an answer to what “congressbeing’ was being referred to will not be forthcoming?

    If so, will you at least tell us that?

  • Jeff Foust


    Nick didn’t mention who he had mistaken for Ryan. He was understandably embarrassed by the case of mistaken identity.

  • joe

    Jeff Foust wrote @ August 15th, 2012 at 8:01 pm


    I was not trying to pick on anybody.

    But the original posting was so detailed and complimentary, that if there really is a representative showing that kind of diligence regarding their responsibilities toward space policy; it would be worth knowing who they are.

  • Pete Olson from Texas. Dana Rohrabacher was also there. I’m trying to get the names of the others sitting at the table.

  • Egad

    > Pete Olson from Texas.

    A slightly belated thanks. I’ve been on the road and didn’t see your reply until just now.

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