House approves bill to rename NASA Dryden after Neil Armstrong

While the Senate dealt with the fiscal cliff (and launch indemnification), the House took up a number of other bills, including HR 6612, legislation to rename NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center after Neil Armstrong. (The Dryden name would instead be attached to the Western Aeronautical Test Range used by the center.) The bill, taken up under suspension of the rules, passed easily in a roll call vote Monday evening, 404-0. The bill still has to be passed by the Senate before new Congress convenes on Thursday.

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    “That would be an honor.” — Neil A. Armstrong, CDR, Apollo 11, Sea of Tranquility, Moon, July 20, 1969

  • Neil Shipley

    A quick review of the literature would seem to indicate that the Dryden Flight Research Centre is more aptly named after Hugh L. Dryden. There must be other things that need a ‘name’.
    Leave it alone.

    • Agreed. There are bound to be other significant facilities that could use a revered name without dishonoring the memory of another great American aerospace figure by removing his name.

      • amightywind

        They did not remove his name, they just moved it. There is no dishonor in making room for Neil Armstrong. At least it wasn’t Sally Ride.

    • DCSCA

      “There must be other things that need a ‘name’.”

      =yawn= Input noted from a down-under. Let’s rename Australia… Armstrongland.

      • Neil Shipley

        If you think this is not a valid comment, explain why rather than simply denigrate the poster and be a typical troll taking up space.

      • Neil Shipley

        BTW, I’m happy to say where I’m posting from, what about you DCSCA? I’m willing to put up any arguments based in fact and/or historical precedent/trend to support my position on any particular question, in this case, renaming a facility. You simply resort to name-calling. Nothing sensible to add to the conversation eh?

        • DCSCA

          You have not paid for the privledge. Citizens of the United States have.

        • common sense

          I am glad to see that DCSCA is doing well, after a pretty long hiatus that felt like vacation though. Our friend is all up and running full steam ahead.

          But Neil and the others I have to ask why, really, oh why? Why do you do that? I am a US citizen and I paid for the privilege, whatever that is. Goes to show you that here in the US we are ready to pay for anything, to exploit any possibility even that of knowing where DCSCA is posting from.

          I once talked to my wall and told it to move away from me. I spent hours doing that. In the end the wall did not move. I feel philosophical tonight.

          Happy New Year DCSCA, even though I believe you once said you were british… Not sure how much you paid yourself then…

  • Name the SLS after Armstrong. He wanted to re-do Apollo. Let it be his monument.

    Dryden was named after Hugh Dryden. I don’t see why he should be penalized.

    • DCSCA

      “I don’t see why he [Dryden] should be penalized.”

      Get some glasses. LaGuardia Airport was named for Firoella LaGuardia, a mayor. It was renamed JFK. A President. Dryden was talking about flying to Mars in 1964. Alas, Neil actually went to the mono in 1969. Neil’s bootprints bigfoot Cryden’s talk. .

      • DCSCA

        Or was it Idlewild? Senior moment. No matter. Honoring Neil in the aviation community would me with his approval, albeit with characteristic modesty.

        • Robert G. Oler

          an excellent Twilight Zone episode comes to mind…707 circling overhead New York, time travel…and you are in the Twilight Zone…it was Idlewild.

  • James

    Since Congress is in the business of re naming NASA Centers, I suggest that MSFC be renamed Goddard Space Flight Center, since Dr. Goddard is more associated with the advances in modern rocketry, which is MSFC’s forte’. And rename Goddard after Dr. Edwin Hubble, since Goddard was the lead for all the Hubble servicing missions,and is more closely associated with Space Science than was Dr. Goddard.

    JSC should be renamed JYSC, John Young Space Center, after the only Astronaut to have flown on Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle.

    Its the new year folks,,lets have some fun here!

  • Robert G. Oler

    the thing that struck me is that the HOR has fallen to the point where bills like this are really about all it can do.

    I dont see the fascination with renaming things either…Why not name a PMA after Armstrong? Or why name anything after him right now? really maybe someday some group on the Moon will do that.

    This is just well goofiness from a GOP house that is well self destructing. (so fun to watch) RGO

  • mike shupp

    Odds are, there aren’t 5 Congressment in the USA who have any recollection of whom Hugh Dryden might be, and not a one of their several thousand staffers. So renaming a NASA center to honor a Famous Man rather than a nonentity probably looks completely reasonable.

    But that’s all right. The next big issue, to really awake all our partisan juices: do we rename Goddard SFC after Buzz Aldrin or Barbara Miluski?

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