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This week: hearings on weather satellites and NASA infrastructure, and NOAA confirmation

On Thursday morning, the House Science Committee subcommittees on oversight and the environment will be holding a joint hearing titled “Dysfunction in Management of Weather and Climate Satellites”. Officials from the GAO, NOAA, and NASA are slated to testify on what the committee believes to be the poor state of development of weather satellites.

Interestingly, at the same time as the House hearing, the person nominated to be the next head of NOAA will be on the other side of Capitol Hill. Former astronaut Kathryn Sullivan will be one of three people (along with two OSTP nominees) who will be the subject of a confirmation hearing by the Senate Commerce Committee at 10 am Thursday. Sullivan has been acting administrator of NOAA since the end of February.

On Friday morning, the space subcommittee of the House Science Committee will have a hearing on “NASA Infrastructure: Enabling Discovery and Ensuring Capability”. NASA inspector general Paul Martin and associate deputy administrator Richard Keegan are slated to testify.

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