NASA operating plan makes final adjustments for fiscal year 2014

NASA has released a summary of its fiscal year 2014 operating plan, which details any changes to spending for programs the agency has made (with the approval of Congress) from the final FY14 appropriations bill. As the table below shows, the changes are very minor; last year, NASA made bigger changes to adjust spending for agency priorities after the across-the-board cuts of sequestration went into effect. (The operating plan also provides a breakout of spending within Space Operations, which was omitted from the omnibus spending bill.)

Account FY14 Omnibus FY14 Ops Plan
SCIENCE $5,151.2 $5,148.2
- Earth Science $1,826.0 $1,824.9
- Planetary Science $1,345.0 $1,343.4
- Astrophysics $668.0 $678.3
- JWST $658.2 $658.2
- Heliophysics $654.0 $643.3
SPACE TECHNOLOGY $576.0 $576.0
AERONAUTICS $566.0 $566.0
EXPLORATION SYSTEMS $4,113.2 $4,113.2
- SLS/Orion $3,115.2 $3,115.2
- Commercial Spaceflight $696.0 $696.0
- Exploration R&D $302.0 $302.0
SPACE OPERATIONS $3,778.0 $3,776.4
- ISS n/a $2,964.1
- Space and Flight Support n/a $812.3
EDUCATION $116.6 $116.6
CROSS AGENCY SUPPORT $2,793.0 $2,793.0
CONSTRUCTION $515.0 $519.6
TOTAL $17,646.5 $17,646.5

As (who requested the FY14 operating plan from NASA) notes, the operating plan still fully funds the SOFIA airborne observatory even though NASA is seeking to end funding for it in its FY15 budget proposal. However, there’s no guarantee that all of this funding would be used for operations of SOFIA: NASA officials warned in March that the $12 million proposed for FY15 might not be sufficient to cover the costs of mothballing the 747 aircraft.

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