Post editorial and other items

“No asteroids need apply — U.S. space policy is on a collision course with itself,” is the lede of a Washington Post editorial Sunday about the current space policy debate. The editorial’s key concern is that the White House’s proposal tries to do too much in human spaceflight with not enough money, and is thus […]

Commercial crew impatience, policy deliberations, and a commercial “Thunder Bolt”

What does the NASA Advisory Council (NAC) have in common with Congress? They’re both growing impatient with NASA for details on the agency’s commercial crew plans. The NAC’s commercial space subcommittee “expressed dissatisfaction with some of the information they have received from NASA managers on the agency’s approach” for commercial crew, Aviation Week reported. The […]

Authorization bill discussion and more from Florida

POLITICO has a few more details about the detailed effort to get the NASA authorization bill to the House floor before the House went on recess. According to the report House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer was briefly involved when members of California and Ohio objected to plans to bring the bill up under suspension of […]

White House adds to NASA’s tab for economic development spending

In his speech at the Kennedy Space Center in April, President Obama announced that $40 million would be made available for economic growth and job creation in the Space Coast region of Florida around KSC. Since then a Presidential Task Force on Space Industry Work Force and Economic Development, co-chaired by NASA administrator Charles Bolden […]

With Bennett out, what does his successor think about NASA?

At the Utah Republican Party convention in Salt Lake City yesterday, delegates effectively ousted Sen. Robert Bennett, failing to nominate him for a fourth term. Bennett didn’t make it past the second round of balloting, which ended with two candidates, Tim Bridgewater and Mike Lee, selected to face off in a primary next month. The […]

The Lone Star State feels a little lonely

With all the attention that Florida has gotten in recent days with President Obama’s visit to the Kennedy Space Center, as well as the promise of $40 million to support workforce transition efforts there, the folks in Texas are feeling a little left out. On Friday several Houston-area congressmen, along with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison […]

Florida rallies for jobs; New York’s very different shuttle fight

Hoping to raise awareness and attention to their concerns, Space Coast officials are planning an April 11 rally to protest the NASA budget proposal. Organizers are working with everyone from churches to businesses and hope to get 5,000 people to attend the event, scheduled for four days before the presidential space conference at the Kennedy […]

Congressional delegations rally for Constellation

While NASA administrator Charles Bolden might not think that Constellation is “the symbol of American leadership in space”, some members of Congress disagree—or at least see Constellation as a symbol of economic concerns for their states if it’s canceled. Yesterday Utah’s five-member congressional delegation submitted a letter to President Obama asking him to reverse his […]

…and something Florida doesn’t

Florida space advocates have been hoping to turn concern about the economic impact of the retirement of the shuttle and the planned cancellation of Constellation into support for some initiatives to support the state’s space industry. Those initiatives, with a cost of $32.6 million, have the support of the state’s governor (and US Senate candidate), […]

One other interesting Texas election result

While incumbents fared well in Tuesday’s primary elections in Texas, as noted here yesterday, there was one interesting result in the Democratic primary in the 22nd district, currently represented by Republican Rep. Pete Olson: Kesha Rogers won a three-person race with 52.3% of the vote. Rogers is an acolyte of Lyndon LaRouche and, among other […]