One other interesting Texas election result

While incumbents fared well in Tuesday’s primary elections in Texas, as noted here yesterday, there was one interesting result in the Democratic primary in the 22nd district, currently represented by Republican Rep. Pete Olson: Kesha Rogers won a three-person race with 52.3% of the vote. Rogers is an acolyte of Lyndon LaRouche and, among other things, has argued that President Obama should be impeached because of his NASA policy (among other alleged sins). “If you want to save NASA, call for the impeachment of Obama,” she said while campaigning last month. Should make for some interesting debates in the general election, if nothing else…

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  • Doug Lassiter

    Kesha Rogers is really out there. Remarkable that she did as well as she did. There was almost no coverage of her in the Houston media, as would ordinarily befit a very minor candidate.

    Space policy is indeed a big part of her campaign issues. Not too many people have position statements that look like this — .

  • Major Tom

    “Not too many people have position statements that look like this”

    You ain’t kidding. This is some kooky stuff.

    “Any real economic recovery requires a mission to colonize the Moon and Mars… committing national suicide… no hope of any future but a Dark Age… We can only accomplish that the Constitutional way: with Federal credit directed through a protectionist national banking system”

    Someone needs to take their meds.


  • Doug Lassiter

    “Someone needs to take their meds.”

    Unfortunately, that may include 52.3% of the Democratic electorate in the 22nd district.

  • SpaceMan

    And the turn out in her district was what, about 12% of registered Democratic voters ?

    Be very, very careful about any conclusions you draw from this election.

  • Doug Lassiter

    The primary turnout statewide was something on that order, certainly for democrats, so one could reasonably assume that 12% was representative of the electorate.

    But you’re right. Formally, the amount of meds required isn’t to serve 52.3% of the Democratic electorate. But there were still 7,465 people who are comfortable with colonization of the solar system as a major national issue. That’s a pretty big truckload of meds.

  • I think these policies are refreshing … in the Democratic Party!

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