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Kerry mentions space in Orlando

A reader emailed today and noted that C-SPAN carried a replay over the weekend of a Kerry campaign appearance Friday in Orlando. In that speech Kerry did mention space policy, claiming that he would “push the boundaries of the solar system” and “wouldn’t leave the money behind either.” Kerry’s campaign web site has a copy of his Orlando speech, but it doesn’t mention space; an Orlando Sentinel article about the appearance also doesn’t make note of space. Did anyone else out there catch the speech, live or on C-SPAN, and can share some additional insights?

7 comments to Kerry mentions space in Orlando

  • Mark R. Whittington

    Sounds like Kerry is speaking in metaphors rather than literally.

  • Robert G. Oler


    Those would be what Shrub used when he spoke about smoking guns becoming smoking mushrooms?


  • The New York Times asked bloggers “to say what they thought was the most important event or moment of the campaign”.

    Liberal blogger Tom Burka wrote:

    Even before he started his campaign in earnest this year, President Bush made a crucial and perhaps fatal misstep when he announced a manned mission to Mars in January – and then abandoned the initiative as hastily as he had adopted it. In doing so, the president alienated the increasingly important group of voters who have given up and “just want to get off Earth.”

    “Bush misunderestimated the importance of the ‘Get me out of here’ bloc,” said Dr. Herb Flaggellum, a former thyroid doctor-turned-pundit.

    Exit polling will almost certainly show that in a sea of issues baffling undecided voters, Mr. Bush’s lack of commitment to expensive space exploration was a deciding factor in the election today. That, and his failure to wear a receiver and earpiece in the first debate.

  • Dogsbd

    LOL, so Kerry just “mentioning” space is news?

  • Jeff Foust

    so Kerry just “mentioning” space is news?

    Given how little attention both major Presidential candidates have given the subject, yes, it is news when one of them mentions space in a campaign speech.

  • Jason Rhian

    Two things, that’s President Shrub to you and President Bush put forth a new vision this election year. Kerry is a joke, thats why he lost. Dems need to come off there high liberal horse and join the rest of the world.

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