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Summarizing space policy issues

If you’re one of those rare people for whom space policy is a deciding issue in this election, and you haven’t made your mind up for whom to vote today (yes, I realize I’ve probably reduced the size of the audience to zero, but just play along), you could do worse that to read Rand Simberg’s summary of the space policy positions of the two candidates published Monday at TCS. A couple of quibbles: Bush didn’t speak recently at KSC (that was Kerry, back in July; Bush spoke at Space Coast Stadium), and the article doesn’t mention Kerry’s switch from opposing to supporting the ISS after 1996. But, as Rand writes, “Whether you think that this record represents good or bad space policy depends partially on your opinion of those programs&#8230″

4 comments to Summarizing space policy issues

  • Keith Cowing

    Gee Jeff, in the name of accuracy, perhaps you should change your post “Kerry mentions space in Orlando” to “Kerry may have mentioned space in Orlando” Until such time as you have proof that he did.

  • Jeff Foust


    The information came from a well-regarded source with no ties to the Kerry (or Bush) campaign, hence I no reason to distrust it. The comment was made in passing, so it’s not surprising that it didn’t warrant any media attention. Of course, if you or any other readers have information that suggests Kerry did or did not make those remarks, please do pass it along and I will correct or retract the posting.

    I’ve put in a request to the Kerry campaign for more information about any space-related statement he made there or at other campaign stops, but since I don’t have any inside connections with the campaign, I have not heard back from them yet. I imagine they’ve been a little busy lately anyway…

  • “…could do worse than to read…”

    Gee, thanks, Jeff. I’m not used to such fulsome praise. ;-)

    Obviously my column played a great role in swinging the election in the president’s favor from that heretofore unknown massive pro-space demographic…

  • adam


    Thanks for your election information. I brought it to the attention of a fellow space enthusiast who was leaning toward voting for John Kerry, but for whom space was the most important issue. He told me that based on the infor. He didn’t think that Senator Kerry had really thought-out his space policy. He decided to support a Republican for the first time in his life. This occured in a prominent swing-state!