Now all I need is a fedora

Imagine my surprise this weekend as I read the “50 Ways to Space Out” article in the latest issue of Air & Space magazine and came across this entry:

37 READ SPACE POLITICS, the Space Age’s version of the Drudge Report, because “sometimes the most important orbit is the Beltway.” Visit spacepolitics.com.

I’m flattered… I think. After all, if nothing else, I like to think this blog looks a littler nicer than The Drudge Report…

4 comments to Now all I need is a fedora

  • jeff, i dont think you give yourself enough credit… :-) i – and i imagine a whole lot of other people – read this blog everyday, as a way to be prepared for ‘what’s happening in the space community’.

    so, i think A&S are right, people should be reading this blog. it matters. keep up the good work.

    take care. mjl

    p.s. and i’ve seen your sense of styleclothes… a fedora isnt a bad idea. :-)

  • Ferris Valyn

    You do a lot better than Drudge – you pretty much are honest and fair

    Same cannot be said for Drudge – feel free to take a bow Jeff

  • anonymous

    How’s that for a back-handed compliment!

    I would not participate here if Mr. Foust’s posts were as politically slanted and unnecessarily salacious as the Drudge Report. I, for one, appreciate Mr. Foust’s middle-of-the-road reporting.

    Congrats (I think) to Mr. Foust. Keep up the good work.

  • I just assumed everyone read Space Politics. I think A&S would be right on the mark if you were higher on their list.

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