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Planning the next blitz

Next month the Space Exploration Alliance, the loose coalition of space organizations ranging from the NSS to the AIAA, will be holding another “Moon-Mars Blitz” on Capitol Hill. In this week’s issue of The Space Review, I interviewed Chris Carberry, the chairman of the June event, about what’s on the agenda and the overall effectiveness of such citizen lobbying efforts. The focus of this event, not surprisingly, will be on getting Congress to support increased funding for NASA as the FY2008 appropriations cycle shifts into high gear. “I think that there has been strong support for the VSE in the years since it was announced,” he said. “However, budget constraints make it more difficult for many members of Congress to be as supportive as they might otherwise be. It is up to us to provide additional compelling reasons why space exploration is as important as other items in the federal budget.”

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  • Thomas Matula

    I think the lack of enthusiasm for the Blitz, and this topic, reflects how the Stick has eroded support for NASA overall. Add in the alienation of the Science, Lunar, Mars and Earth observation communities over how ESAS was implemented and its no wonder support for NASA’s budget is in trouble.

    Why campaign for budget increases when they will just go to feed an architecture many feel strongly is headed for failure? I feel sorry for the individuals working on the Blitz as they have a long uphill battle thanks to the both the structure of the ESAS and the way it was implemented as the strategy for VSE.

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