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Rudy is from Mars; voters, though, may not be…

The Miami Herald reports that, on the eve of today’s key Republican primary, presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani expressed his support for space exploration during a campaign stop Monday night at Florida International University. The US, Giuliani said, would “be the first [country to land] on Mars,” the newspaper quoted Giuliani as saying, without providing any additional details. According to the article, the comment “drew mixed reactions” from the crowd, but so apparently did one where Giuliani talked about “a Cuba without Castro”. Tough crowd.

One audience that has been supportive of Giuliani’s recent space policy comments is The Mars Society, which issued a press release yesterday (not yet on its web site) about those comments, as well as John McCain’s space policy statement released Sunday. “We are extremely pleased to see such a can-do attitude being taken towards space exploration by Senator McCain and Mayor Giuliani,” said Mars Society Political Director Chris Carberry. “Giuliani’s editorial echoes many of the points that we have been making for years, and McCain’s statement demonstrates his understanding of the vital role that human and robotic space exploration play in making this nation great.”

4 comments to Rudy is from Mars; voters, though, may not be…

  • MarkWhittington

    My view is that if Giuliani falls short in Florida, as now seems likely, it was be despite and not because of his sudden support of things space.

  • D. Messier

    Rudy’s gone. At least for president. We’ll see if he gets a veep nod from McCain or Mitt…

  • The People

    Rudy’s strategy was a foolhardy gamble, but I wouldn’t count on him being on a McCain ticket. He and McCain are at the same end of the Republican political spectrum. Having both of these guys together won’t do anything to appease the conservative base. I’d put my money on Huckabee as McCain’s running mate.

  • Vladislaw

    As mayor of New York, the financial hub of the planet, he never mentioned a single word relative to space, nasa, space tourism, space infrastructure, manned space flight, et cetera or tried to promote anything relative to space. At the last hour on the very EVE of the primary Rudy has an epiphany and becomes a space nut, is a little late in my mind to have any credibility with florida voters. If he would have entered florida has a champion of space it might have made difference.

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