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Florida: Posey likely to succeed Weldon

Although there’s been no formal declaration or projection, it appears increasingly likely that Bill Posey will succeed Rep. Dave Weldon in Florida’s 15th Congressional District, on the Space Coast. With 84 percent of precincts reporting, Posey, a Republican, was leading Democrat Steve Blythe 54-40%. Weldon, of course, had been a strong advocate of NASA during his time in Congress, and Posey positioned himself similarly. “Whomever’s preeminent in space will control the security and the destiny of Earth, and I think that needs to be Americans,” he said in a campaign ad. Posey also picked up the endorsement of Florida Today last month in part because the paper believed he would be a “strong advocate for NASA and its moon plan”.

Update: Posey has indeed declared victory in the race for Weldon’s seat.

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