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Texas: early returns good for Culberson, bad for Lampson

Results are trickling in in Texas Congressional races, and the news is mixed for a pair of Houston-area incumbents with a strong interest in space. In the 7th District, Republican Rep. John Culberson has an early lead over Democrat Michael Skelly, 54.7-43.9%, with 12% of the vote in. This district would normally be a safe Republican district, but Skelly outspent Culberson and narrowed the gap in the weeks leading up to today. In the 22nd District, incumbent Democrat Nick Lampson is losing to Republican challenger Pete Olson 46.8-51.5%, although with only 3% of the vote in. Lampson had been one of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents given the demographics of the district, once held by Tom Delay; Lampson, though, had been promised the chairmanship of the space subcommittee of the House Science and Technology Committee if he does win reelection.

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